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Best Gift for your loved one these Candles in multicolor for your special valentine and this one is best for gifting you loved once, Having a burning time of more than 10 Hours. Best Candles for Your Valentine day to impress to your loved one. Best gift for every occasion.



  • Each candle weighs 120-125 Gram, about 150MM * 30MM * 30 MM Each candle emits its own floral scent and smells relaxing and calming, as if wandering in a sea of flowers.
  • Adhere to the use of high-quality soy wax and cotton wicks to ensure human health.
  • Sapi'S Valentine Heart Candle come with Multicolor Options These Heart Pillar Candles are unique and eye-catching, are ideal gifts for house warming, weddings and birthdays.
  • Novel and simple design can adapt to interior design, and make the room look more stylish.
  • Before lighting always trim the wick to ¼.” Keep the burning candle away from direct air otherwise moving flame can cause wax over flow and burning time will be reduced., Made of High quality Paraffin wax and lead free cotton wick. For best performance the first time you burn your candle, leave it lit long enough so that a wax pool forms across the majority of the top portion of the candle. This is called a full pool. Let your candle flicker one hour for every inch in diameter.
  • 100% Smokefree, Burn Time - 10+ Hours

Sapi’S Scented Heart Pillar Candles with Cute Couple Candle Combo of 3

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹499.50Sale Price
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